Friday, May 10, 2013

Food, My Passion.

          In the past year, I have desired to be everything from a writer to a psychologist. I was interested in many different subjects, but I was clueless when I pictured where I really wanted to see myself in five years. I found my answer in one of the last places that I would have expected, Crossfit Thunder. Crossfit has been a big part of my life for almost twelve months now, especially this Crossfit box. Through my experience with this sport, I have made many incredible friends. One of the most important aspects of Crossfit is the diet. My mother first introduced the Paleo Diet to me last summer. At first, I thought it was nothing more than an obsessive new fad. Once I actually gave a few meals a chance, I realized that I had been missing out. For the past few months, I had been eating about 80/20 Paleo, give or take. Now, I have begun to make this diet a strict lifestyle.

           Most of the credit must go to a wonderful woman at my Crossfit box, Tiffany. She is a registered Dietician, a great Crossfitter, and an even better person. We had made small talk about healthy habits for months, and with each conversation, my interest grew. She is a strict Whole Foods eater. She has shown me the importance of not only eating according to the Paleo guidelines, but the benefits of trying to keep your diet organic and smart for your body. She is one of the best role models to have, and thanks to her, I have found something that I am truly passionate about. I am studying Dietetics thanks to these type of influences, and I could not have chosen a better field. I keep learning more about food and what is best for our bodies, and I can not get enough.

           Long story short, I created this blog in order to share my insight as I learn, my experiences, and most importantly, to share Paleo food ideas. Many people get discouraged with the Paleo Diet, simply because they run out of meals to try. I do not want that to have to happen to anyone again. I get many of my recipes from other blogs, websites, cookbooks, and the random ideas I come up with on my own. I would love for anyone with other recipes to please post them to the blog or send them to my email. I want to give you credit, and your recipes the spotlight!

In this blog, I have finally found the perfect combination for me; writing, food, and friendships.

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