Monday, May 20, 2013

Making Paleo Shopping Easier and The Whole 30 Preview

          While reading the Crossfit Journal, they stated that keeping your buggy around the perimeter of the grocery store, while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Your body doesn't want to ingest foods with extensive shelf lives. You want to stick to the meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. I am doing a clean out of our pantry and refrigerator today to remove the rest of the secretly unhealthy foods in our house.

          I recently began the Whole 30 Challenge. It is not much different from my usual Paleo eating, with the exception of taking away my Paleo treats, such as pancakes, muffins, etc. It is simply more strict and tough for those with a Paleo sweet tooth like me! If anyone is interested in this challenge, or simply seeing some other foods and additives to avoid on a regular basis; here is a partial excerpt straight from the Whole 30 Program Website.

Our Whole30 Program, as outlined.
  • Eat real food – meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds. Eat foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they’re totally natural and unprocessed.
  • More importantly, here’s what NOT to eat during the duration of your Whole30 program;
  • Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial, alcohol or tobacco products, grains, legumes, dairy, carrageenan, MSG or sulfites, white potatoes, Paleo-ifying dessert or junk food choices. Omitting all of these foods and beverages will help you regain your healthy metabolism, reduce systemic inflammation, and help you discover how these foods are truly impacting your health, fitness and quality of life. 
                Also, a fellow Paleo Blogger/Crossfitter from our area, Dinah Houston, shared this photo on Facebook recently. These are a few hidden ingredients in foods that we all should try to avoid. I had heard about the dangers of a few of these ingredients before, but some of the warnings were new to me!

Dinah has many fantastic recipes on her site! Check out her blog for some yummy Paleo meals/snacks.


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