Thursday, September 5, 2013

Battling for Boston

          If you are from the area or even if you are not, please take the time to keep the family of this sweet boy in your thoughts/prayers. Boston passed away two nights ago after a tough battle with brain cancer. I had the pleasure of meeting this little man in June. I competed in a Crossfit Competition in Portsmouth, where the proceeds went towards Boston and his family. When I purchased this headband, he handed it to me with pride. I had no idea how much that short meeting would mean to me.

           If anyone is interested in completing the Hero WOD created in his honor, here it is. I will be doing this workout today at my Crossfit box as the members of his families' gym runs heats of this WOD all evening for Boston, Ashley, and Joe. You do not have to be from around here to join us. We are all Battling for Boston.

4 Rounds: (His age)
7 deadlifts - 225/155
22 kb snatches  - 53/35
9 "Slurpees " (slam ball to burpee) - 20/10

7, 22, 9 is the rep scheme to represent Boston's Birthday, 7/22/09.

          Also, If anyone is interested, they are taking donations for the costs of the funeral and medical expenses. To go to that site, please follow this link, Donations for Boston.

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